Praxiz is a Spanish hip hop band from Valencia, formed by vocalists, multi-instrumentalists and producers Droi, Joanarman and Guilliam Sons. The group has an eclectic sound that fuses classic hip hop with other styles such as gospel or pop. Their lyrics speak about social and philosophical matters. They have labeled their sound as “hyperhop”. 

Droi, Joanarman and Guilliam are Spanish, but descendents of Colombian migrants.

As children they studied music at the conservatory and they began to write pop songs together, but during the 90s they fell in love with Hip Hop culture and decided to form a rap group.

Four mixtapes and 2 independent albums brought the attention of the specialized media.

In 2021 they released their third album: HYPERHOP. This album speaks about mental health, stands up for musical extravagance and explores retro-futurism.

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